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The AA Big Book Solution

Hosted by Natalie Speakman & Michaelis Jacoby

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Real Recovery is a podcast where recovered alcoholics Natalie Speakman and Michaelis Jacoby share their experience, strength, and hope – but it’s not what you think. For them, like many others, they floundered in the watered-down solution shared in meeting rooms – until finding the solution using a specific Big Book study process. In each episode, Michaelis and Natalie are joined by a guest who has had the same spiritual experience as a result of this work.

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Latest Episode

The Lost Episode

Summary In anticipation of Season Two, which will start recording soon, Natalie and Michaelis have decided to open their podcast vault and release this lost episode  (which probably should have remained lost.) This is their original attempt at recording the first episode of the podcast. In the spirit of Rule 62 – Don’t take yourself…


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